Using Loveys to Help Your Child Sleep


Let's talk about sleep. Lots of moms ask me about Loveys and keeping them in the crib.

You can start with a Lovey when they are 4 months old, BUT you have to tie the diagonals together. Does that make sense?

Loveys are a transitional object that helps a child soothe themselves. When a child wakes up in the night, they don't have the tools to calm themselves, so you have to provide those. By rubbing the Lovey on your neck and holding it against you when you feed your child, it lets your child know that they can not only be comforted by you and your presence, but also by the Lovey.

For kids who want to take their Lovey everywhere with them I always recommend the book, "The Magic Bunny," The basic concept is that it explains that your Lovey watches over you at night. When you get up in the morning, it is time for the Lovey to go to sleep.

IMPORTANT - Buy three of the same loveys and rotate them weekly to clean them. In case you lose them which will happen! How many of you have lost a Lovey? I can't tell you how many I have lost!