Teaching Your Kids About Sharing


What toys do your kids fight over? In our house, it's now this horse stick toy from @wiwiurka_toys. One of my new favorite @etsy shops!

Sharing is an abstract concept that, if pushed on a child, may sometimes cause resentment and anger outbursts. I believe that if a child has a toy in their possession, that they can play with it until they're done. If a sibling or friend wants to play with that toy, you as the parent, may intervene and say, "[Child's name] is playing with that toy, when he/she is done, you may have a turn," and if they continue to want the toy, you may redirect them to other toys in the area.

As your child gets older, they will be able to communicate this on their own, but practice and modeling help.

To promote abstract concepts, I always like to use books. My favorite sharing books are:

📕 Too Many Mangos: A Book About Sharing by Tammy Paikai

📕 Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts

📕 Too Many Carrots by @katy_hudson_illustration