The Word "No"...

Let’s talk about using the word NO and how to positively frame your phrasing to a child using the word MAY!
Is “no” a word that I like to use? NO. Is this a word that my husband likes to use? YES! But here’s what I tell him...When you hear the word no, it can be very jolting and unsettling for anyone, especially a child and it often can cause an inverse reaction in your child. The language you use really helps how your child will respond to you as well as providing an explanation (especially for an older toddler). ie: “we don’t touch that because it will give you an ouchie but you may touch xyz.”
Also, instead of saying “No don’t touch that,” say “We don’t touch this but you may touch that.” Thereby providing them with an outlet for what they want to do but at the same time setting boundaries, which all kids need and crave.