Teaching the Concept of Time


Kids don’t develop the concept of time until about age 5 — toddlers are so good at living in the “now!" So how do we introduce them to “time?" ⏰ Getting a calendar to help anchor specific activities or events will help them understand the days of the week. IE The kids know that every Thursday their grandparents come over 📆

You can also create a rhythmic routine with your meals. For example, I make nut milk on Mondays, so my oldest son knows that Tuesday is pancake day because I use the pulp leftover from the milk. 🥛🥞😊

Around age 3, the weather is a great tool for teaching thee words today, tomorrow and yesterday. It is something observable and that is actually tangible for a child to understand. For example, I tell my daughter "It is raining today." And then she goes to get her rain boots. 
Around age 4 is when kids get a grasp of major holidays. IE: "Do I get pumpkin pie like last Thanksgiving?" Between three and four is when they get excited about birthdays and knowing the actual date of their birthday. But how do you build the foundation for time? From the ages of 0-2, you want to stick to a routine but allow for flexibility.