Teaching Kids to Call 911

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When do you teach your kids about calling 911? And how do you teach them now that most of us don't have home phones...

Every child is different but around the age of 4, I like to show my child how to use the emergency feature on my cell phone. You need to swipe up and show them where the emergency button is on your phone if you have an iphone.

How do you teach them what is an emergency? Making sure that the child knows that they call 911 because of a serious injury or if in immediate danger. Or if:

🔥There's a fire .
🔥If someone is choking .
🔥If someone is in the home who doesn't belong there
🔥If someone is having trouble breathing.

Make sure to explain to your child that when a 911 operator picks up for them to be able to say what is their emergency, who needs help and their address. Teach your child your address or at least the street you live on! I typically begin this conversation by making sure they already know mom/dads name and street name (wrote in a previous post- teaching this at age 2). Then moving onto the concept of emergency at age 4.

Have you taught your child your address?