When Should Kids Learn Their Letters?

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When should kids learn their letters?
It depends on your educational philosophy and your child. Following your child's lead is the most important because if you start to push them too early, it can lead to disengagement and lack of motivation in reading and writing. One of the keys to making it fun is to introduce it into your play and what you are doing in your daily life. I love these alphabet boards by @treasuresbyjennifer as they are so versatile and can grow with your preschooler. Start with using loose parts to fill in the specific letter, then can go onto tracing, and then identifying too.

A game that I like to play is "what rhymes with this word?" or "Name that sign" (can you tell I am in the car a lot with my kids?). There is a reason why children's books rhyme. It is one of the ways to introduce literacy.
Unfortunately, kindergarten is now the new first grade and kids are being pushed more and more to start their academic journey earlier than they may be capable.
What are ways you introduce or plan to introduce letters??