Halloween Tips and Tricks

Lots to cover here so I am breaking it up into parenting and food 😉


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Trick or Treating should be focused on the act of collecting and playing make believe rather than the types of candy and when you are going to eat them. The act of collecting and dressing up are exciting components for young kids!

Be mindful when trick or treating with little ones to go earlier and have flashlights so it is not scary as that may set you up for a sleepless night. Remember, don't feel the need or pressure to go trick or treating - you can simply have people over to celebrate in a child-appropriate manner.🧚

One of the things I like to do is bake before going out so when you get home they can trade their candy for some delicious baked goods. Also, you get quality time spent with your kids baking. You may say "We are going to bake xyz beforehand and after we get home from trick or treating the xyz will have cooled down enough to eat!" Or you can implement the candy fairy with younger kids where they hide their candy under their pillow and they get a toy in exchange. Search halloween on my website for the post and language to use.


My philosophy is if they are going to eat "non-growing foods," I would rather them have "the good stuff" which would include a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie (check out @pamelasalzman) or a #vegangluten cupcake (check out @yvonnesvegankitchen), etc. But again, this is what works for my family and my kids love baked goods.

A lot of people are asking for my picks for candy. Here are some of the brands:

🎃 @organiccandyfactory vegan gummies

🎃 @koochikoo lolipops

🎃 @yumearth lolipops

🎃 @gosupernatural sprinkles (love these to put on top of cupcakes)

You can hand out friendship bracelets, @tater_tats tattoos, bubbles, erasers, etc.

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When trick or treating, one approach is to bring an identical bag of candy that is dye-free and/or allergen friendly. *if you see a teal pumpkin outside someone's house that means they have allergen-free options. #tealpumpkinproject You can either swap your child's bag or run up to the door in advance of your kids and ask them to swap their candy for your approved candy of choice (You may or may not see a very pregnant fairy running around doing this!)🧚

The last option is something that is more suitable for school age children and I like to refer to it as the Candy Fairy. Prior to going out, explain to your little one that the fairies need the candy to build their houses so if you put the candy under a pillow... they will replace it with a toy that will last you much longer than candy.🧚

For children who are older and understand the concept of donating... you can donate the candy to the American Troops who help keep us safe.🧚


At the end of this remember that it is only one night. My motto is always 80/20.