10 Month Milestones πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

MOTOR: You can expect that they can crawl, start to pull themselves from a seated position to standing. Their pincer grasp has become more proficient. Also, under the toy section on my amazon shop is the wooden rocker boat but it can be flipped over and used to teach your baby how to go up and down stairs. Meaning when they are going down the stairs you need to direct them so that their feet are going down the stairs and their hands are at the top.

EATING: If you went the traditional route, your baby should now be feeding themselves with finger size foods which helps improve their pincer grasp. It's important to continue to expose your child to a variety of foods, textures and tastes. If you haven't introduced a spoon at this point now is a good time. I love the one by @ezpzfun

ENTERTAINMENT: When you have a toy shelf, the heavier items should be on the bottom such as books and blocks and there should be lighter objects placed on the second shelf (make sure your shelves are bolted). I like to put silk scarves in a basket with a little hanging out so they are more likely to pull themselves up or to pull the scarf down. It's fun to play games like peek-a-boo or hide the toy as it teaches the concept of object permanence (the idea that something is still there even though you can't see it). For example, taking a doll and covering it up with a silk scarf and building up anticipation with "Where did the doll go and there it is!" is such a fun game.

COMMUNICATION: You should expect your baby to be babbling a lot more and copying you. They should be following one-step commands like when you ask them to clap or wave bye-bye *you will not get this follow-through every time.

SLEEP: refer to previous posts. Or comment below with any sleep questions⬇️⬇️⬇️