Art in the Kitchen


Do you ever have those nights when you can't get dinner ready because your kids are pulling on your hip?
I definitely do!
What is my solution? I keep this Little Partners art easel in the kitchen. Does this always work? No, but it is a great activity for the kids. Plus it provides them with the freedom to explore their creativity using different types of tools. For younger toddlers, I have thicker paint brushes and thicker markers/crayons making it easier for them to hold. As they get into the preschool years, you can lay out crayons and chalk that are smaller in width and thereby harnessing in on the proper pencil grip. Plus it’s always fun to see what they draw and the story that follows. These days it’s all about outer space in my house 🏑 
One other tip, I keep a folder in the kitchen with window clings that the kids love to use on the windows and they don’t destroy the walls if they end up there πŸ˜‰