10 Tips for Pregnancy-Induced Nausea


Here are my top 10 things to help with pregnancy-induced nausea...
1. Motion sickness bracelets -- make sure to replace when the elasticity wears off (this is one thing that has been studied and appears to help a lot of women)
2. My nettle ginger tea (let me know if you want the recipe) and raspberry leaf tea
3. Frozen grapes and frozen cherries by @woodstockfoods 
4. Nagami Kumquats or anything sour
5. Take sips of water throughout the day. I found too much at a time made me feel sick.
6. Rubbing one drop of peppermint essential oil on the temples of my head. 
7.  @tradmedicinals pregnancy teas (yes, all the tea helps! and nice to vary it up)
8. Keeping cool, as overheating (especially a hot shower) can sometimes raise your blood pressure causing you to feel nauseated
9. For me, I found that it helped to lie down flat on the floor and put my legs up against the wall. Follow or Dm @tasharoseremedies for this yoga pose
10. Sleep (which is impossible but a girl can dream...) 😴

Oh I’ve also been told that @pinkstork has great morning sickness remedies but haven’t personally tried them. 
I have entered the second trimester and I am finally feeling better. I still have a lot of nausea but luckily I haven't vomited. I am convinced that all my tricks have been helping.