To FaceTime or Not to FaceTime Your Kiddos?

How many of you FaceTime when you are away from your child?


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We are guilty of wanting to FaceTime our kids because we miss them! But my recommendation is not to FaceTime. Toddlers and preschoolers do not understand the concept of time and for the most part, are easily distracted. When you are not there and they don't see you, they are not reminded of your lack of presence.

What is best to do is while you are gone, the person who is watching your children should say “let's take a video for mommy/daddy to show them what you are doing.” Then you can do the same for your child.

The other thing to do to prepare your child for your upcoming trip or travel is to let your child know NOT how many days you will be gone because your child doesn't understand this BUT how many sleeps until you will be home. So "Mommy will be home in 5 sleeps." You can also use a visual aid like my favorite calendar from @treasuresfromjennifer

We all feel guilty if we have to leave our child but in reality, it is very healthy for them to develop an attachment to another person whether it is grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or a nanny.

Have you had to leave your little one??