Tips to Prepare Your Toddler for Leaving


It’s not just about grabbing your bag and going; there have to be rules.

🎒Walking them through where you are going, the expectations, rules, & rewards. This should be done about 10-20 minutes before you leave. Sit down with them on their level & talk to them.

🎒Try to always give them "a job" wherever they are going (i.e.: we are going to the grocery store, and you can help me find these 5 items) For younger kids, it is nice to have a visual 🥕Also, let them carry reusable bags, hand card to the cashier, etc.

🎒You want to give them something as a reward for following through with appropriate behavior. It should be as simple as choosing 2 songs in a row in the car, getting a sticker or a fun bandaid 🤖🧚‍♀️ 4) If they are having a tantrum/meltdown while out, provide one warning (see tantrum video- link on profile pg). If they continue, let them know they are not ready to go out with you & then go home. Yes, this is incredibly inconvenient, but this is why they created @instacart & @postmates 😉

🎒That said, if they are not having tantrums when out, saying thank you as a sign of respect and praising how they behaved is excellent to do (“you helped in the grocery store and sat nicely in the cart”). See post on why I don’t say “great job.”

What to say to your child before going to a restaurant.

🎒Let’s pick out 3 items from your to-go activities that we may play with while waiting for food. When we get there you are to stay in your seat, and you may put your napkin on your lap, you may play with the toys that you picked until the food arrives. When the food comes, food stays on your plate, and your fork is for eating only.

🎒Once they finish eating & want to get up before the meal is over, you may say "Now it's time for your job. You may make your own menu with stickers/crayons, or you may decorate a piece of paper to make a paper airplane to use when walking out.”