Is Your Baby Getting the Right Nutrients?


Here is how you know.

Your milk contains foremilk - basically, it's your carbohydrates. It's what gives you that instant drive of quick calories, but it is not going to fill you up. If your baby is consuming too much foremilk, it can lead to greenish bowel movements.

What you want is to make sure your baby is drinking the hind milk which is the fat (see picture with cream on top). The way you know that your baby is getting enough hindmilk is because their bowel movements will look like a yellow mustard seed consistency.

Signs that you need to take pictures of your babies poop and show them to your doctor:

1) any strings of blood

2) green and mucusy over several days

And of course, if you have any concerns, always check with your doctor or seek out the help of a lactation consultant to help get you the right balance of nutrients in your breastmilk.

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