Starting Solids!

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Starting Solids!

What should you know and have on hand?

✅Youtube difference between gagging vs. choking. .

✅Know if your family has a history of food allergies. .

✅Have children's Benadryl on hand in case of a reaction (there is no such thing as baby Benadryl). .

✅ When first giving new foods, make sure that your doctor's office is open in case of a reaction.. .

✅ When introducing nuts, I like to give a plant based yogurt or mix a nut butter with sweet potato. And if you are concerned about a reaction, can place some of the food on skin behind ear in order to see if there is a topical reaction.

✅A good high chair. I love @stokkebaby high chair as it has an adjustable footrest, which allows for proper posture & alignment. I also love the portable high chair from @inglesinababy as it can clip onto most surfaces & can remove cover to wash it.

✅A good bib- I love @bumkinsbaby bc it has a pocket. But also love @bapronbaby bc it ties around back instead of neck. Both great for keeping baby somewhat clean.

✅I also like having an open cup on hand to start to introduce drinking from a cup. I use a shot glass, but excited to try out @ezpzfun tiny cup that is made from silicone.

✅A good spoon. I love my wooden spoons from my travels but can’t find online. I have @avanchyshop spoons & like the wooden handle bc it’s easy for baby to grip & head of spoon is made of silicone, easy for baby to gnaw on. Still on hunt for better alternatives.

✅ Optional- a dog to help clean up 🧹

As always, make sure to check with your physician.
Comment below with your questions/tips ⤵️⤵️⤵️