How to Get Things Done with Three Kids?

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How do you get things done around the house with three kids?

#1 First and foremost, always have them help! Whether it is sorting laundry 🧺, taking the silverware🍴out of the dishwasher (using the sorter bin if you have one and let them put it in the right place), to sweeping the floor🧹.

#2 A kid can only help for so long around the house 😉 so I have a backup plan. I cover my table with a roll of white paper (inspired by @theworkspaceforchildren ) and set out a few items depending on the child's age. This is the only time that I allow them to sit on top of the table. This also prevents my youngest from putting anything in her mouth.

#3 When I am really organized I have food stations for them to help me cook. I have my salad spinner, cutting board with kid knives (mushrooms are a great starting point for these). Check out my friend @heather.happykidskitchencookbook for tips on how to get your kids helping in the kitchen.

#4 I keep a folder with window decals in the kitchen for them to put on the doors and windows.

#5 I love having a basket with @waytoplaytoys road puzzles along with a basket of some @grimmswoodentoys blocks

Comment below with your struggles to get things done ⤵️⤵️⤵️