Seasonal Allergy Remedies

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Are any of you still suffering from seasonal allergies?
Here are my tips and tricks to alleviate symptoms:
1) Invest in a good quality air purifier. I have personally tested the one by @iqair and @molekuleair which are both really good.
2) @tasharoseremedies sweet victory elixir can help relieve allergy symptoms so doubling up on this should help. One dose in the morning and one dose at night.
3) @organic_olivia allergy defense. This is an herbal tincture that I give once a day.
4) I know it’s annoying but mopping and vacuuming as often as you can helps 🧹
5) Removing shoes πŸ‘ž when you walk in the door.
And one more...invest in a good quality organic mattress πŸ›
Do you or your kids suffer from allergies?