Poop on The Potty


A common topic on DM for me. When beginning your potty training journey see my potty training blog post on my website. Here are some tips about pooping: ⤵️⤵️⤵️
#1 It is really important before starting your potty training journey that your child has regular bowel movements. If they are constipated then diet adjustments should be made prior to potty training. 
#2 It is very common for toddlers to hold their poop until nap time. You can not move on from phase one until they make a bowel movement in the potty. 
#3 When they are on the potty trying to poop use this phrase: "Let is slide out" 
#4 Sometimes toddlers want privacy for pooping. You can say I will turn around or close the door a little bit and sometimes they just need to hold your hand (see picture) 
#5 This may seem taboo but let them see your poop in the toilet and let them flush it. Being open about poop helps make toddlers less anxious about it. There is a lot of poop talk when you have three kids under 5 (and a husband 😉). There should be no shame in poop 
#6 Rewards...I don't like rewarding with food or screen time. Actually, I don't like rewarding for anything. The reward is getting to take the potty pot and pour it into the toilet. Kids love to pour 
#7 Poop dance...kids often have what I call a poop dance where they wiggle and race to the potty only to have it end in no poop at all. This is when you may want to bring the potty to a neutral zone like your family room. Additionally, you want to offer going back to the potty without pushing them as you know that the poop is coming.