Chickpea Salad Lunchtime Adventures

chickpea salad

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How do I get my kids to eat their lunch at school? This can be difficult as typically school lunch time is often social time which can be equally as important to eating healthy. Thus, try not to fret if they don't come back with an empty lunch box.

I call this a lunchbox adventure because I walk my kids through what all the components are in order to make it more fun, enticing & a conversation starter.

This is a magical forest filled with green flowers (cucumbers), frog pond (guacamole with hemp hearts), red rocks (goji berries), the sun (cara cara orange slices), wooden logs (seeded crackers), and wet sand (chickpea "faux tuna" salad) that will hold the logs together.

Recipe for the chickpea salad


1 Cup garbanzo Beans (cooked and cooled)

┬╝ Cup ZoeÔÇÖs Almond Cashew Yogurt (or @foragerproject or @coyo_organic coconut yogurt)

1/8 Cup Raw Red Onion ÔÇô Finely Diced

┬╝ Cup Chopped Dill Pickles

1/8 Cup Chopped Celery .

* optional- add crumbled up @seasnax see weed


1. Smash garbanzo beans until desired puree consistency

2. Add yogurt onions, pickles, celery and mix thoroughly

3. Season with salt to your taste and serve