Nontoxic Baby Furniture

dr organic mommy nontoxic furniture

3 things you want to look for when buying, clean nontoxic furniture


1) It's made of solid wood. A lot of furniture is made of MDF wood (medium density fiber board). and check that it is not made with glues, formaldehyde, or veneers.

2) Non or low VOC paints. Volatile Organic Compounds are essentially toxic chemicals and when furniture is painted it can give off toxic fumes. If you have to have something that is painted, it's best to off gas it for several days. VOCs are linked to various respiratory illnesses. According to the EPA, VOCs can cause eyes, nose, and throat irritation and cause damage to the liver, kidneys, and can cause CNS. It's best to open your windows during the day to air out indoor toxins as well as to dust and vacuum as often as you can.

3) Check for the Green Guard gold certified label. This means that the furniture has been tested for over 10,000 chemicals.