Morning Time Saving Tips

dr organic mommy time saving

Tips to get ready in the morning:


1) I keep my kids' toothbrushes in the kitchen because I brush their teeth after they eat breakfast so this way we aren't having to run around.

2) To make packing lunches easier, I lay out the lunch plates and dry goods on the kitchen counter so I don't have to think as much in the morning.

3) I try to have my purse/diaper bag ready to go the night before and I place it next to the door so I don't forget it (which I have done multiple times and which is why I always have a $20 bill in my car at all times just in case!)

4) We pick out clothes right after the kids put their pajamas on at night so we can lay them out for the next day. (I have a little basket in the kitchen for their dirty pajamas so I don't have to think about that either!)

5) I premake my smoothies a week in advance in wide mouth mason jars & store them in the freezer. This way I can just add my liquid of choice and a scoop of nut/seed butter and a spoonful of @florahealthy plant-based oil when I put it into the blender. Then I pour the smoothie back into the same glass and swap the lid with one that has a straw hole and use my glass straw.

What are your time-saving tips? Comment below!