Indoor Activities for Kids


Here are some indoor activities you can do inside with your little ones while it's raining or very cold:

🍪Cooking at home/baking cookies:

It’s all about giving them tools to manipulate the dough, washing veggies and giving them tools to wash the veggies (salad spinner, potato scrubber, etc)

🛀Bathtub activities:

Setting up a water table but in the bathtub. Kids love cups of varying size with water, oh and funnels, play syringes, and tubes are great additions.

Sensory bins in the tub. I often hang out in the bathroom because I will put the kids in the bath with a bin of water beads filled with toy figures.⠀⠀⠀⠀

@Foragerproject yogurt with veggie and fruit dyes (I like to use spirulina, Beet powder, or dried mangos) and crush them and put them in a painters tray and let them play & be messy in the bathtub.

〰️Get your wiggles out activities:〰️

Create an obstacle course- pillows, chairs, tables, etc

Relay race between kids- they love being able to carry the magic wand

Build a fort- love being able to use @sarahssilks stand for this, or you can use laundry racks or brooms and sheets

Laundry basket race car- add pillows, put your favorite doll (or in my case, he puts his sister with a helmet ⛑ on) and start the race. Best on wooden floors.

Making a long train with chairs in the house and then decorating the train with silk scarves

*Thanks to my fur babies for the rainy day pic by @thehealingpack ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀