Baby Eczema: What Do You Do?


Baby skin is really fragile. Temperature, clothing materials, environment, detergents, and food intake (dairy and gluten being the top allergens) can all impact their skin. Diet typically being the number one culprit. Here are some of my tips:

When bathing don’t dry your baby off with a towel. Simply use the towel to take them out of the bath and massage them with a non-toxic cream, so their skin is moister. Limit soap usage as soap can by drying. I like using organic baking soda and Epsom salt in the water instead of soap.

Speaking of creams, every baby is different so you might have to try several, but you want to avoid ones with fragrance, parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate. My favorite right now is the eczema cream from @hamilton_babies. My youngest is very sensitive to temperature changes and often has dehydrated skin as well as cradle cap. The cream does help.

I also LOVE @bogavia (not pictured) for their fragrance-free ultra soothing healing butter. This has worked miracles for both of my daughters! Try to stick with breathable cotton clothing as that will minimize skin irritation. I like @goatmilknyc, @naturebabynz, @minimioche, and @underthenile.