How to Prevent Sickness!

What do we do or should we be doing to prevent getting sick? 😷😷😷

As soon as your kids get home:
1. Wash hands and face with warm soapy water, AND before each meal- no Purell ❌
2. Change out of school clothes
3. These are the supplements I give daily: (make sure to check with your physician)

I mix the following in a shot glass of @fermenting.fairy elderberry ginger lemonade
@tasharoseremedies sweet victory elixir every day (12 months +)
@sovereignsilver immune booster (check age requirement on this)
@maryruthorganics vitamin d3/k2

4. Eat lots of pre-biotic rich foods
5. Teach kids to cough into their elbow
6. Don’t wear shoes in the house
7. Don’t over schedule kids- their bodies need time to recuperate. There are a lot of back to school activities and birthdays so try to have one day a weekend where you have nothing committed.
8. A hearty breakfast, as let’s face it, most kids don’t eat much of their lunch as it is social and play hour. Veggie loaded oatmeal, smoothies, buckwheat pancakes etc.
9. Diffusing essential oils (love thieves) check out @thenaturalnurturer as she is the queen of essential oils. And remember to dilute a lot for kids (and ask your physician)
10. Avoid refined sugar foods .

And two more- good sleep hygiene πŸ’€ and getting dirty (like actually playing in the mud- we have become to sterile)

What do you do to prevent germs in your home? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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