How To Not Yell At Your Child


I hear a lot of moms who have had it up to here, or they’ve snapped or yelled at their child. We have ALL been there. That being said, this situation can be used as both a learning tool for your child and to show your child that you RESPECT them.

Here’s an example of the language:

Parent- “JUST STOP IT!!”

Child- *cries* appears jolted or even laughs

Parent- "I see that you are scared or confused. I am sorry for yelling at you. Sometimes I get mad, but can you help me come up with some ways to help me calm down so that I don’t yell?"

For a toddler, you may need to help facilitate the discussion by providing some examples of how to calm down. This list can include splashing water on your face, taking a deep breath and counting to 5 or 10, or simply saying “I need a break.” My two year old will often say when she’s mad, “I need a break.” But sometimes she will do it to push my buttons.

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