10 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe


1. Make a bracelet with your phone number on it for them to wear.

2. Attach a business card to a keychain with a plastic cover to their pants.

3. You can order temporary tattoos with your phone number that can go on their arm from Etsy.

4. Always take a picture of them that morning so you know what they are wearing and can share with police if need be.

5. Start teaching them when you are out where the cash register is at a store, so they know to go to a cash register when they are lost.

6. It’s important to teach them your name as well, so they don’t just say "Mommy" when someone asks, "What’s your mommy’s name?"

7. You can write your number on their arm and use hair spray to keep it from coming off.

8. When they get older, and you are going out to a crowded place teach them to repeat back what you are wearing so they can also describe you.

9. When staying at a hotel, give your child the business card of the hotel with your name and number on the back. Tell them this is their ticket and that they need to keep it with them when going out in case they get lost.

10. Don’t write your child’s name on a bag or jacket where a stranger can easily call their name.
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