Healthy (dairy free) Chocolate Milk!

Photo by  Mekina Saylor

Photo by Mekina Saylor

I often get asked what else I give my kids besides water to drink. To be honest, that is what they drink most of the time, but sometimes I will make them a healthy DF chocolate milk once in a while.
Whenever making nut milk the proportions should be one cup of nuts for every three cups of water. If you like it creamier add two cups of water. If you want it to be more diluted add four cups of water. 
To make healthy chocolate milk, hazelnuts are the best nuts to use. Here's how I make it:

For one cup of hazelnut milk add:
2 Medjool dates or 3 bahri dates
A pinch of @evolutionco salt. 
2 teaspoons of organic carob powder (which I get from @thrivemkt online)