On the Subject of Baby Books

What are your favorite baby books?
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Until your baby is five months their field of vision is around 8 -12 inches which makes sense because when you are nursing or bottle feeding your little one, they only need to look at you or your partner.
Babies tend to discover and explore the world mostly through touch and taste. When exposing them to books, you want to pair the auditory stimuli (aka your voice) with books that have contrast in color and brightness as well as different textures. Do I think baby books are necessary? No. Do I think it's necessary to go and buy these expensive baby books? No! However, you can duplicate them for free by using your own imagination to tell a story and repurposing common household items to expose your little one to different textures and sounds such as a sewn up cloth bag of beans (make sure it's sealed), feathers, velcro, cotton balls, etc.
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And this leads me to a question I get asked frequently-- how do I entertain my baby? The most important thing in your baby’s life is to nourish them with breastmilk or formula, love and most importantly self-care. This is one that is often missed and is often correlated with your baby’s sleep and health. I am not saying it's easy, or that it’s entirely feasible but realize that you don't need to constantly entertain your little one. You don't need to sign them up for every class or have them learning flashcards. That being said, the point of classes at this age is to provide moms with a community so that you don't feel as alone. I have met some of my closest friends not only through mom groups but also through @instagram. So it doesn't necessarily have to be in person. We are lucky enough to live in a world that connects us with people all over the world. If you live in a remote place or have difficulty accessing baby classes, look into online communities like Facebook and Instagram where you can connect with other moms.