Getting Your Child Emotionally Ready for School/Daycare


How to get a child ready emotionally to start school/daycare...
Preparation is always key especially for kids who tend to be on the cautious side. Here are my five tips:
1) If possible, go with your child to the school and play there with them in order for them to experience the environment in your presence.🏫
2) When accompanying your child to the school/daycare try to sit back either in a corner or against the wall and let them take the lead to explore. If they begin to pull you say, "you may go see xyz. Mommy is going to stay here."🦁
3) When your child asks for help or wants to show you something, encourage your child to show/ask the teacher in order to establish a relationship/bond/trust between the child and teacher. Say “Mommy is going to stay here but you may ask your teacher."👩‍🏫
4) Always refer to the teacher as Teacher (Fill in First Name) in order to provide a label that will demonstrate to your child the role that they play.👨‍🏫
5) Try to take pictures of your child's favorite activities and toys at the school and then make a book with them that highlights the daily routine which includes going to school, having fun, getting picked up and most importantly, anchoring when you will see mommy and daddy (ie: after your nap, you will see mommy and daddy or after dinner you will see mommy and daddy).📚