Carseat Advice


It's the age-old question of "how do you get your child into a car seat or stroller?"
There comes a time where your toddler will refuse to get into the car seat because what is the fun of being strapped into a chair that doesn't let you move or play? Who wants to do that? 🤷🤷🤷
First things first...make sure your kid is not hungry! They will not get into a car seat or stroller hungry! That being said you need to get from point a to point b.
One of the first things is to say "look, let's pick up this stick on the street" (I find a stick or a leaf). Of course, they want to hold it and I say: "You may hold it when you sit in your car seat." Living in the city you don't always have sticks lying around. If you open the back door of my car... you will see extra sticks and rocks that I keep on hand that I pretend to find on the street when I need them!

Another tactic is to give them control and say "I can put you in your car seat or you may put yourself in your car seat. Oh, do you want to put yourself in yourself in your car seat?" Then you may try letting them buckle their own chest clip. It is actually fun to see how accomplished they feel when they can do it on their own.
You should also remind them that, "it is mommy's job to keep you safe when we drive a car. We have to stay in our car seat with our seat belt so we do not get an ouchie."
I know it is frustrating, but spending the extra two minutes to validate them and using the above tactics will help prevent the escalation of a temper tantrum.