What do you use for bath toys?
I try to make bath time pretty quick because if your child is bored or fidgety, they should not be in the bath for that long. I see this all the time, parents are giving their kids way too long of a bath. 15-20 minutes is a long time for kids to sit in the bath. If your child likes being in the bath then it’s okay!
For toys... I think kitchen utensils like measuring cups and funnels, or cups are great as bath toys. @plantoysofficial has some great wooden cups that have holes in the bottom and the kids love these. Toddlers really love the idea of gravity. Seeing things fall and pouring things. So, when they take a cup of water and pour it out, they are in awe. I also like to have a bath mat on the bottom for safety. 🌊🌊🌊
If you are struggling to bathe your toddler, another tip I give them is to let them have some sensory play in the bath. Ie: shaving cream.
I should note I will not use squeeze toys that have holes in them as those are a breeding ground for mold.