Breast Milk Storage Tips


I am now breastfeeding my third child and have tried almost every container or bag out there! I personally don't like pumping into plastic through the pump parts are plastic, and I can't change that (all about balance- 80/20 is my motto). I have tested both the Spectra Baby USA and the Medela, Symphony and Free Style, and you can pump into the Evenflo glass bottles which are the lightest of the glass bottles that I have found. However, with the Spectra, you need to purchase the adaptors to go from a wide mouth to a narrow mouth (they come in a four pack - available in my amazon shop).

Then I store them in 4 oz and 8 oz glass ball mason jars. The important thing to look for in glass storage is that they have to be tempered. The labels for these jars just happen to make them look cuter.

Glass storage might be hard if you don't have enough room in your freezer. I have bags I have tested on my amazon shop that are both BPS and BPA free. However, when heating milk in a bag, do not put it in hot water because it will cause leaching of plastic into the milk.

Instead, put the bag in a bowl of lukewarm water & empty it out into a glass bottle & heat it in the glass bottle in a bowl of hot water. All of the milk may not be, but it will be defrosted enough to pour into the glass bottle.

I TRY to keep myself organized by having extra pump parts and a 'clean' basket and a 'dirty' basket. This way it is easy for me to transport it to the sink. These baskets were gift baskets I received when the baby was born (I am all about repurposing).

I also keep a sheet of paper by my freezer to keep track of the amount of milk I put in the freezer as well as the date. I feel like, after three kids, it is getting easier to do this, but it was not as easy with my first. I am hoping to help others and not stress them out!

Remember this is what works well for me; it may not work best for you!