5 Diaper Changing Table Essentials


Here is my top 5 list of diaper changing table essentials:

💜 @zoeorganics cream which is super thick and made with great, organic ingredients.

💜 @maryruthorganics vitamin d3 spray. She is a mom of two boys, and it is a vegan based supplement. Yes, you can get vitamin D through breast milk, but I know I am deficient. I will take my baby out for two to three minutes in the sun during non-peak hours as well.

💜 @weleda_usa fragrance-free diaper cream. This is my go-to diaper cream. I think there are so many diaper creams out there, but you need to make sure to check the ingredients. I have used Weleda with all 3 of my kids as I found it is indeed a great product.

💜 @bambonatureusa diapers. They also have some that come with a pee indicator which can be helpful in the beginning.

💜 Soft bottom cloths from the pump station (kind of like big flat cotton swabs) that I wet and use in place of wipes for the first month or two because their skin is so sensitive. I still keep water wipes for on the go.

💜 Also, I love to use fresh lavender and have it on the changing pad at night to signify relaxation and sleep. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have some by my bed!