7 Month Milestones!

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7 Month Milestones!

Most babies can now sit unassisted and reach for and pick up objects. There will be lots of rolling around, some scooting and even creeping. You may see your baby showing signs of crawling. They may be in child’s position and attempting to get on all fours, and possibly shifting their body back and forth. If you have other children, this would be a good time to teach them not to have their smaller objects left on the floor. And also to see if your older ones want to put any specific items higher up on shelves so that their younger sibling can’t access it. It’s still important to continue having your baby spend as much time on the floor as possible. Learning to move your body is all about practice. And it’s a great time to start baby swim classes. Personally love @kidswimla .

There will be lots of smiling, frowning, laughing, and blowing bubbles or making “raspberries.” Your baby will also communicate by making different sounds such as “ga ga ga” or “da da da,” (and no your baby doesn’t favor daddy, it’s just easier to say “dada” instead of “mama” 😉 ). .

Your baby should have already started to eat solid foods. It’s important to introduce iron-rich foods going forward, as well as a variety of colors and textures. I feed my baby twice a day… check out my Monday meal time series starting next week! Also time to introduce brushing teeth/gums.

Fewer toys continue to be better. You want to place the toys just outside of their reach so that they can practice scooting their bodies to the object and reaching to grasp it. Your baby will enjoy games of anticipation like peek-a-boo and ready, set, ticklel and nursery rhymes where you pair the song with hand gestures. Also, continue doing baby sign language.

Your baby may be weaning off of their third nap of the day, so bedtime may need to be a little earlier in order to avoid the “witching hour”.
*But remember, all babies are different, so try not to compare. If you have any concerns, consult with your pediatrician.