When Your Child Hits... Part 2

When Your Child Hits Part 2 👋 👋 👋

You want to connect the need with the child. It is really important to slow the child down and equalize their breathing and getting them out of their flight or fight mode when they are so worked up. Calmly saying "let me see your hands" and holding them and saying "these kind hands are for helping."

If your child hits another child...squatting down and saying to the other child "would you like them to use gentle hands. Show me on your face what gentle hands feels like" and have them show what gentle hands feels like. Give them a chance for redemption by saying "how can you help your friend? Can you get them some water or an ice pack or maybe draw them a picture?" This allows them to take responsibility for their unkindness.

Do you find your child hitting you, siblings or friends???