When Should Your Baby Be Wearing Shoes?

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If your little one is starting to pull themselves up to stand, you may think its the time to put shoes on them but in reality, you do not want to put shoes on them until they are truly walking. However, exposure is very important so you want to put shoes on them when you take them out just to get them used to wearing shoes. This helps prevent potential problems of kids not wanting to wear shoes later on.

Being outside barefoot not only allows your child to connect to the earth but also provides opportunities for them to improve their skills of balance and proprioception. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

If your older child fights you on putting shoes on... the language I like to use is:

“Shoes help keep our feet safe when we are going out as we don’t always know what’s on the ground.”

“Also some places require you to wear shoes like school, restaurants and stores but as soon as we get home you may take your shoes off. Or you may take your shoes off at the park.”

Modeling is also important. We all put our shoes on together at the door which helps motivate the kids to join in. Wearing shoes is all about moderation. There’s a time and place for wearing shoes and a time and place for being barefoot. 👟 👟 👟

What are your favorite shoes for kids?

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