W Sitting Position

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What happens when you see your child sitting in this position? Does your child sit in this position?

While it may look comfortable for them it can impact the development of their gross motor skills, coordination & balance. It is very common for kids to want to sit in this position & as a parent/caregiver, you may say "you may sit on your bottom" or "criss-cross apple sauce" & try to avoid saying don't sit like that.

What is wrong with this position?

🌟When sitting in W position kids are unable to rotate their upper body making it difficult to reach across. This can later impact their writing abilities. .
🌟It can hinder development of hand preference which can lead to coordination difficulties later on.
This position makes it difficult for kids to shift their weight from 1 side to other which can impact ability to balance when learning how to run/jump.. .
🌟Child's core muscles don't have to work as hard to keep them up & instead rely on wide base of their legs to keep their torso upright. .
🌟It increases the risk of the child's hip and leg muscles becoming short and tight.

If you have any concerns, please speak to your pediatrician.

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