Stopping Food Dropping


What do you do when your child throws food on the floor?
Throwing food between age 6 months and two means there are three things going on:
1) They are testing your limits.
2) They are not hungry. 
3) They are now learning the concept of gravity which attracts them to dropping food and seeing it fall.
The first time they drop food say or sing 🎶 , “Food stays on the plate.” The second time they do it, say, “I see we are not ready to eat. I’m going to move your body and place you on the floor.” When they show signs of wanting to eat again or whine or look up at the chair, then place them back in the chair and start the process over again.
During this developmental stage of learning about gravity, it is also important to allow them the time and opportunity to experience it. Providing activities where they can pour water and/or see things fall that are heavy and light, makes it fun for them and helps them see when it is appropriate to drop things and when it is not. Setting up a big bin with pom-poms, feathers and tennis balls can demonstrate the difference between how things move in the air and how they are pulled to the ground.