Should Your Newborn Be On a Schedule?


I get the question a lot about how I get my newborn on a schedule. There is no such thing as a schedule for babies. There is a routine/rhythm. In the first few months of life, babies need a lot of cuddles and love. Even the simple act of rocking is a rhythmic activity that calms a baby down.

Every morning I wake up my daughter by saying "good morning, sweet pea!" I open the drapes, put her on the table and stretch her legs and arms and say "STRETCH THE BABY." Just simple ques to help adjust her to waking up.

I recently heard a fabulous analogy. Picture a room full of people all playing different instruments out of sync. The overwhelming sounds can be too much for anyone to handle. That is how it feels for a baby or a child who is not in a rhythm.

Imagine if one person in this group starts hitting the drum at a steady beat. The others will slowly jump in and join the beat. What is meant by this is that you as the parent/caregiver need to provide that rhythm for your child so they are not in a room full of loud noises they can't handle.