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Responsibilities 🧹🧹🧹
Now that my daughter is 3 and my son is 5, they both have a new set of responsibilities. My kids are typically excited about the chance to have responsibilities in our house because when they ask to do something that they see me doing my response is "soon, you will be old enough." That doesn't mean I don't get the occasional "I don't want to wash the dishes tonight," because I definitely do, but again it's about observing and understanding what is going on with your child at that moment and respecting his/her time as well because respect is a two-way street.

Here are some of my kid's responsibilities:
My 3-year-old:
πŸ’› Fold @sarahssilks playsilks
πŸ’› Wipe the table (β€œtable wiper”)
πŸ’› Make her bed (putting her loveys back while I fold her blanket) β€œbed maker”
πŸ’› Put sisters diapers in diaper pail
πŸ’› Wash @_willaby_ napkins
πŸ’› Dust baseboards with feather duster from @helenmilanhome
πŸ’› Set the table
πŸ’› Bring dishes to sink & sort clean silverware
πŸ’› Put dirty clothes in the hamper πŸ’› Wash veggies using a salad spinner

For my 5 year old:
πŸ’š Feed the dogs and put fresh water in bowls
πŸ’š Take dogs out to pee
πŸ’š Sweep the floors
πŸ’š Use the Dustbuster (a favorite of his)
πŸ’š Make his bed
πŸ’š Clean and dry dishes
πŸ’š Water houseplants from @leonandgeorge
πŸ’š Take sister to bathroom (at home)
πŸ’š Cut veggies with knife (while supervised)

What are your kids' responsibilities? ‡️‡️‡️