Outdoor Summer Play Ideas Pt. 2

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All week I am going to share some ideas for parents who are looking for some end of the summer activities.
Here is the second one:
Get together with a few friends and set up a creative outdoor space. Everything in this area should be "ok to play." You will most likely find that between you and your friends you have more than enough stuff and don't need to buy anything. Although I love when you support my amazon shop, you can probably do all of this with what you already have at home!

Here's some ideas to bring outside:
-A bowl of soapy water -Funnels
-Measuring cups -Strainers -Dirt

I remember my parents talking about how in their childhood they would make mudpies. I think this is a form of play that is unfortunately not used as much. Dirt is free and is open to interpretation. For my kids they love making me "bee-gan baked goods" and taking some old school salt and pepper shakers and filling them up with dry dirt adds a fun touch to their cooked goods. If you find your child not able to start this activity by themselves here are some tips:

-Have a few things set up
-taking a pie tin and filling it up with one cup of dirt with the measuring cups right next to it can inspire your child to engage and keep going -If your child says mommy come play with me you may politely but firmly respond, "I can see what you are doing from here." If they again push you may say, "you may bring your creation over to me." This is not about you being lazy to get up, rather it’s promoting arm strength for your child to carry their creation to you. It promotes independence and confidence in your child to show you their creation.

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