How to Make Sure Your Kids are Getting Enough Vitamin D


What vitamins do you give your kids? Always check with your treating physician but this is what I do...

I provide my kids with a well-balanced diet which gives them a range of vitamins and nutrients. However, vitamin D is something that even living in sunny LA☀️, our bodies just don't make enough of especially because I lather my kids up with sunblock. It is an essential vitamin in order to absorb specific nutrients. For example, your body must have vitamin D to absorb calcium and promote bone growth.
Starting at a week old, it's important to give your kids vitamin D drops in breastfeeding babies (after one in formula fed babies). I give my kids @mommysbliss drops which have no added sugar. I start with a spoonful of @tasharoseremedies elderberry syrup and put a drop of the vitamin D in it (after the age of one due to the presence of honey in the elderberry syrup).
When my 2 and 4-year-old get sick I will increase the elderberry syrup to 3x a day to boost their immunity. **Please note the elderberry syrup is not for babies under 1 as it contains honey.

Also, note that when foods are fortified with vitamin D, not all forms of vitamin D are created equal. Some are cheaper than others and thus not as easily absorbed into the body.