How to Burp a Baby

dr organic mommy burp baby

You may think simply patting their back while propped on your shoulder will work, but in reality rocking them in a sitting position back and forth on your lap can help release more of the air (place one hand on back and one hand cradling neck). It’s similar to doing bicycle movements with their legs to help release gas.
The patting on the back typically brings more comfort to parents than children, but you may rub their back in a circular motion to help soothe.
If your little one continues to find discomfort, I like gripe water (but make sure to clean dropper after each use). I also find that giving a dropper of fresh mint tea can help soothe tummy troubles (but always check with your pediatrician).

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PS - got to hold and burp this beautiful baby at my friends baby shower. â¤ï¸

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