10 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply


Supply and demand- the more I breastfeed/pump, the more I will make!

🍼 Everyone has different opinions on when to start pumping and it’s true because everyone’s body is different; that being said, I start pumping after the 1st week and have no problem with supply. Plus I like to save colostrum for an emergency if my kids get sick a I like having excess.

🍼 Do not wear tight bras or put ice packs on your breasts though you may want to because they will feel like porn star boobs. Heat and massage are always the way to release milk. (Mint/green tea/cold medicine/Benedryl decrease supply.)

🍼 If you aren’t drinking 8 oz of water each nursing session, you are not drinking enough water (90-100 oz/day).

🍼 Oatmeal and fruit - I eat it every day and it’s correlated to increased supply (add in some brewers yeast powder as well).

🍼 Lactation drops and supplements. I recommend Legendairy Milk products.

🍼 Drink lactation tea 2-3x/day- counts as water intake.

🍼 If baby sleeps at night, unfortunately, you still need to wake up to pump as that is the fastest way to lose supply or get mastitis.

🍼 After your 1st nursing session of the morning, pump right after. If possible, I like to pump after a late afternoon feeding session. You tend to make less milk as the day progresses and more milk at night which is why I am always full in the morning.

🍼 Sleep helps with milk production. Impossible, but a girl can dream.

🍼 If you’re pumping and you don’t have your baby with you, have a pic/video of your baby as well as a pic of breast milk, as these visual cues help stimulate the release of prolactin.

*My motto is FED IS BEST. If you’re unable to or choose not to breastfeed, that is your decision and don’t let ANYONE judge you for it. And if they do, send them my way and I will hassle them for you.