Handling the Farmers Market with 2 Little Ones

farmers market with 2 kids

People ask how I do the farmer's market with two kids...
I find that they really like the wagon better than a stroller. They see everything in full view. I also try to go during snack time so that they are occupied while I am hitting stands where they can't help. Then I will go to the stands where they CAN help and sample things because hey, the best part of the farmer's market is sampling all the goods. πŸ˜‰By the end of the market my wagon is full, Ryder is helping me pull it, and I am usually carrying Chase. I try not to be at the market for more than an hour.
Also you really want to try to get to know the farmers and ask them questions about their products too.

How do you do it? Are there any tools that make your life easier being on the go with 2 young children?