Going to Meet Their New Sibling in the Hospital


What do you do when you bring your toddler to the hospital to see their new sibling? 👶👶👶
Here are five steps you take beforehand...
1st - Try not refer to your newborn as a “baby” they should be “brother” or “sister.” The reason for this is your toddler still thinks of themselves as a baby so it can be confusing and can cause rivalry.⚡
2nd - Buy a present from your newborn to your older child(ren) so that when they visit the hospital they get a gift from their new brother or sister.💝
3rd - Take a picture of your toddler and put it in the bassinet of your newborn. Then explain to your toddler that “brother/sister has been so excited to meet you. They have been staring at your picture all day.”😍
4th- Let your child sing one of their favorite songs to their brother/sister and say “this makes your brother/sister feel so happy.”🎵
5th - When your toddler leaves the hospital to go back home to be with family members, try to have an exciting or engaging activity to help motivate them to want to leave in order to prevent separation anxiety.🏃