Fun in the Sun


🌞Top 5 HOT day activities 🌞
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1) Take little toys and put them in water to freeze. Give the kids a wooden hammer to play with this outside. Depending on the child's age, let them excavate the toys out of the ice!
2) Either buy a water table or fill a bin with water and use cups. You can also get PVC pipes and make them into a water adventure for the kids. Or you can take paper towel rolls covered in foil and use those. They like to see where the water flows.
3) Make homemade ice slushies - mixing some watermelon and frozen strawberries together and making your own icy mocktail.
4) I love @littlelennonsbusybooks busy books or my activity box for a day inside if you have air conditioning. (See my @amazon store to purchase the various items I put in them & see my @IGTV episode for a step by step video of how to put one together.) 🌦️🌦️🌦️
5) Water Blasters with easy grip handles. Kids love shooting the water up into the sky and seeing how high into the air they can spray the water. (link to this toy is in my @amazon store as well.)
*bonus: fill up spray bottles with water and have the kids spray each other! & of course, blowing bubbles is another one!