First Month of Life

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Here are some tips I give moms/moms to be for dealing with 1st month of life (as some docs forget to tell moms these things):
1) Start using Vitamin D drops after 1 week old. (l like Mary Ruth Organics as they don’t add sugar or additives) 💧
2) When bathing/washing I take organic cotton balls and wet them. Squeeze out excess & massage in corner of eye- helps prevent clogged tear ducts (use new cotton ball for each eye).👀
3) Always have a onesie on (I like the organic ones by @goatmilkNYC) underneath clothes & I like keeping my baby in gowns (easier for changing) & socks.
4) Make sure to provide time for hands to be free from covers to allow for exploration.
5) Being on your chest counts as tummy time to help build their core 💪
6) Babies make a ton of noise- don’t always go rushing to them as this will habituate them to being picked up.😉
7) First 2-4 wks anything goes- hold baby as much as you want (do skin to skin.) After that, I prefer not letting them sleep in your arms as they get used to that. When on the go, you can’t control that but when home try to avoid.😴
8) Don’t feel the need to entertain 👶 with toys/gadgets - they really just want to look at you and explore their hands 👋 if you begin entertaining them with external stimuli then they will require more and more. 
9) Don’t forget to take care of you (easier said than done)- but prepping ahead will help (making frozen soups, etc) & limit visitors (it’s tiring) to 20-30 min or ask them to help clean/cook.

Comment ⤵️ with any tips you found helpful in 1st month