Favorite Toddler Books

What are your favorite books for toddlers?

With toddler books, I like to incorporate books that not only have a valuable message but that are also targeted for their developmental stage. For example "The Little Blue Truck" and “Little Blue Truck Leads the Way” both have a great message about learning how to be kind and that lending a hand goes a long way. Your younger toddler may not understand the message at first, but they will be drawn to the book because of the sounds that the animals or city make as well as the variety of cars and colors.
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Toddlers are also curious about colors, shapes, and opposites. Multiple modalities of information help solidify a concept. For toddlers, that is typically through songs, books, and modeling. When you read a book like “Little Blue Truck Leads the Way” and you see things in the city...you may couple that with discussions in the car with your toddler. ie: pointing out the stop sign, the traffic, the dump trucks, or the bus. As they get older you can go a step further and combine the object and the color. ie: It's a bus, it's a yellow bus, it's a big, yellow bus. 🚌

Other books pictured here:
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
"My Truck is Stuck!"
"Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes"
"How Do Dinosaurs Play with their Friends?"
"Dear Zoo"