Diaper Time


Is this you fighting your child on changing his/her diaper?
Consider it from your toddler's perspective. If you were in the middle of playing, would you really want to go change your diaper if you don't even feel anything? Transitions for a toddler can often be daunting but if you make it a fun game it becomes easier for both you and your toddler.
βœ…Instead of saying, "I need to change your diaper; come here," try saying (with an inflected intonation): "You may get your diaper out of the box or bin, and help change your diaper." Thus, putting the ball in their court and letting them feel like they have control.
βœ…Make it a game to change their diapers. Example: See how fast you can take your diaper off! (do you want to pull it off or rip it off - should you try to do it or should I do it?)
βœ…Instead of moving your child from an activity that they are enjoying - ask them, "Would you like me to change your diaper here or on your changing pad?"
βœ…Songs are always a good way to ease children into transitions. Use different melodies from songs your child likes (ie "Row, Row, Row your Boat" ) and change the words to: "Change, change, change your diaper, gently on the table. Clean your butt, no matter what, and then go back to playing"