Developmental Milestones


Let's talk about baby reflexes. These are involuntary reflexes or action that will help determine if there are any neurological problems.

👶 Rooting reflex. When you stroke the baby's mouth or touch it, the baby will turn their head or open their mouth in the direction of the stroking. This helps the baby find the breast or bottle. Up to 4 months.

👶 Suck reflex. When the roof of the baby's mouth is touched, they will begin to suck. This may not be fully developed in premature babies.

👶 Moro reflex. It is a startle reflex that occurs when a baby moves in response to a loud noise or movement. You often see them extending out their arms or legs or pulling them back in or throwing back their head and crying. Their own cry can startle them and trigger this reflex. This is why I don't go rushing to the baby, and I try to pause before I pick them up as they will often settle back down after initiating this reflex. Up to 2 months.

👶 Tonix neck reflex. When a baby's head is turned to one side, the arm on that side stretches out, and the opposite arm bends up at the elbow. 5 to 7 months.

👶 Grasp reflex. Stroking the palm of the babies hand causes them to close their fingers on you. Up to 5 to 6 months old.

👶 Stepping reflex. When holding a baby upright with their feet touching a solid surface, it appears like they are walking. It is essential to know about this but don't stand them up on their feet. Up to 2 months old.

👶 Babinski reflex. It occurs after the sole of the foot has been firmly stroked. The big toe moves upward or toward the top surface of the foot, and the other toes fan out (generally in children up to two years old but can disappear as early as 12 months).

If you are concerned about any of your babies reflexes, please make sure to let your doctor know.